I work in photography, printmaking and painting.
Each influences the other, creating a dialogue that opens up endless possibilities for exploration. I look for the intimate in what sometimes seems to be an overwhelming scene. Many of my photographs are printed over 4 feet in width which forces the viewer to become part of the world they are seeing. Seascapes that encompass the viewer in a turbulent tempest. Waves rising up out of a molten metal sea disorienting the viewer and begging them to look deeper. Queen Anne laced fields blowing in the wind create a peaceful temple for inward exploration.

Printmaking falls somewhere in between photography and painting.
I primarily work in monotypes. I work quickly trying to capture the energy that I have gathered from walks in nature. In print making, I am always making discoveries by accident. Wonderful serendipitous imagery that is not intended. This serendipity helps to free up and loosen my painting.

My paintings are joy.
The joy of expressing myself while playing in paint, like a child in a mud pile. I love the physicality of paint, the push and pull, the wiping out, and the laying down of a thick swaths color. I love the texture that can be created by using different tools for mark making. I am interested in verbs; nature’s forcefulness. I want to express the crashing sea, rushing river, the windblown hedgerow. I want the painting to feel the weight of gravity’s pull. I am harnessing the energy in nature and letting it explode on the canvas. It is my way of taking my heart out and putting it on the canvas.